Testimonials & Kind Words of Thanks

"Stephanie's passion, knowledge, and experience was evident from the beginning. In the end, we had a very positive and natural birth experience and we have to give credit to Stephanie for the role she played. Our labour was very long and Stephanie was there every step of the way supporting both my husband and myself. Her advice was invaluable and her tips for pain management and sleeping with baby were wonderful! We would recommend Stephanie to anyone looking for a doula both before and after birth. We hope to use her again for our next birth!"

~Allison & Pablo 

"Hiring Stephanie as our birth doula was the single best decision my husband and I made during our pregnancy. The knowledge and confidence she imparted on us was truly invaluable in our birthing experience. Both in the pre and post-natal phases and during birth and labour, Stephanie was attentive and supportive. I can't thank her enough!!"

~Brittany & Christopher

"Pregnant with our first child, and planning a homebirth, we wanted a doula to complete our birth team, and clicked with Stephanie the first time we met her. Stephanie's calming aura, quiet strength and sense of humour were invaluable. She was a tremendous source of support and knowledge for my husband and I, and provided us with wonderful ideas and suggestions regarding switching positions, staying hydrated, trying to rest, etc. during labour.  It truly would not have been the same experience without her!" 

~Hannah & Matt 

"With a two year old that we adopted a year before, my husband and I needed extra support for our first birth of our second child. We knew we would not have the energy and resources to prepare like a new couple. Stephanie fit into our needs completely. Our meetings were flexible to our time, she provided resources to help us through, we appreciated the focused reading for my husband. I had sudden and rapid labour, Stephanie was able to help keep us calm and adjust and adapt as needed. During some of the most painful and ever increasingly longer contractions, the breathing techniques that she coached helped to ease me through the contractions. I am afraid to imagine how we would have dealt with our birthing experience without her"

~Vivien & Marc

"Stephanie brought such a positive energy to my son's birth. I had such a peace with my labor this time. I think it had alot to do with her presence. Stephanie was a perfect advocate for me during labor. My husband even seemed more relaxed and comfortable with her guidance and support!"

~Kim & Steve 

"Stephanie was a wonderful addition to my pregnancy, labour and delivery experience. She was professional, yet caring and acted as an excellent compliment to my husband. Most memorable were the prenatal yoga classes to relax, and being helped into different labouring positions. 

We highly recommend Stephanie if you are looking for a doula!"

~Karrolyn & Sean 

"Stephanie helped me a lot throughout my pregnancy! She assisted me in understanding everything that was happening to me both physically and emotionally. Stephanie also showed me all my options when it came to childbirth and was a great support system the whole time!"